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In my article Basic Résumé Tips, I went over a few beginner tips on creating a good résumé. Applying is only the first hurdle to landing a job. Once you have the attention of the hiring manager, your next obstacle will be the interview. While it might seem like an overwhelming and scary event for someone new to the workforce, this is your chance to really sell yourself.

Everyone is nervous in the beginning. We have all been there: you are afraid what they are going to ask, you are not sure what to say, and so on. Some people…

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For the past few years, I worked as a retail manager, serving both as a store manager and a hiring manager combined into one. I have always had an interest in human resources and human relations in business, specifically areas focused on making sure employees are treated fairly. For me, being a manager is all about the employees in your care and watching them gain experience and grow in knowledge and skills. It’s almost like being a parent: you want them to do good and you are disappointed when they fail, but you encourage them to try again until they…

When I was a kid, I was one of the very few girls who played video games. It wasn’t something that girls did back in the 1980s. Little girls were supposed to play with Barbies and baby dolls. They were supposed to play dress up and pretend to be wives and mothers, I guess in preparation for their adult lives. While I did play with my Barbies on occasion, usually with my cousins, I didn’t pretend Barbie was dating Ken or was always dressing up for parties. Barbie had real issues to deal with in her life. My Ken was…

Jen Sullivan

I am a gamer, a geek, and a gardener, among many things. I enjoy writing as a way to relieve stress and to just share with others.

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