The Admiral’s Tale, Part 3

Jen Sullivan
8 min readAug 25, 2022

A prequel to Pirate Ophelia

Book cover art, painted by Jen Sullivan (author)

Continued from Part 2

Chapter III: Nassau

The pirate haven of Nassau was a sight Janneke could only dream. It functioned like most towns, apart from stolen goods flowing in rather than ones purchased legally. The difference was the near nonexistence of social status. Captains were elected by their crew instead of simply taking command. Everyone was treated as an equal, no matter their ethnic origin or gender. She had never dreamt of becoming a pirate, but she now understood the appeal. A short but a merry life indeed.

Janneke was cautious at first, unsure of what to expect of the townspeople, but Diana had been right. They were just individuals going about their lives in a haven where they would not be punished by death. They sought jobs, drank in the tavern, and purchased goods.

The town followed a pirate code — a sort of law of the land that was upheld by the elected town Magistrate. Janneke had only seen the Magistrate a handful of times, a man she knew only as Thatch. He was a tall, handsome man who was both charming and intelligent.

Diana’s plan had worked well, though she felt they had not profited as much as if they would have gone to Havana. Still, Janneke felt it was worth it to experience life among pirates in a peaceful…



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